Daily Events Part I

Party on the BeachOperation Starry NightTreasure MapPet Farm
Soul Crystal ParadiseCandy GardenShadow RuinsGolden Hunter
Illusory TowerTemple Defense

Variety  of events all day long is one of the key features in Alfheim Tales Online.  Let's learn more Rules.

Party  on the Beach

Heath  Beach used to be a popular resort, but is now a mess because of a lobsters and  hermit crab infestation. Please team up with your friends to flush out the  Lobsters and Hermit Crabs and return the beach to a peaceful state.
Requirement:  Level 8 -  level 27
Event Time:  All day
Location: Heath Beach Hotel Owner on  the Noah Plains
Kill  all monsters on the beach and open the chest to claim equipment. Then you can  set up fireworks to gain Experience.

Operation  Starry Night

Dark  forces plot to extinguish the Sprite Fire! Hurry and team up with your  Apprentice or Mentor to protect it, and you'll be awarded with a large amount  of experience and Karma! (Note: Mentors can do the quest 3 times a day, while  Apprentices can only do it once).
Requirement: Level 15 and above
Event Time: All day
Quest NPC: Mentorship Officer in Star  City
Protect  the Sprite Fire with your Apprentice or Mentor and defeat all monsters. Both of  you will obtain a large amount of experience.

Treasure Map

According  to legend, fragments of a treasure map scattered throughout the world will lead  you to a treasure trove of unexpected rewards. So shuffle up and let the fun  begin!
Requirement: Level 25 and above
Event Time: All Day
Location: Treasure Hunter in Star  City
Claim  Old Maps from Treasure Hunter and read them to show the location of treasured.  Then go there to find the Treasure Chests, which may contain Gold, Gems, Pet  Enhancement Items or other valuables. The chests require a key dropped from the  Trial Field of the same level.

Pet Farm

The  Pet Farm is a place full of joy, where you interact and play with your pets.  What are you waiting for? Join now!
Requirement: Level 23 and above
Event Time: All Day
Location: Pet Shop Owner in Star  City
Take  the Pet Farm Workday quest from the Pet Shop Owner in Star City to get 2 entry  tickets. Enter Pet Farm, select specified pet and bring them to their favorite  vegetables field and collect foods to feed them. Feed 5 pets in 15 minutes will  award you great amount of Pet EXP and Pet Coupons.

Soul Crystal  Paradise

The  Soul Crystal Garden is now open to all players, with a goodly amount of Soul  Energy rewards! Don't miss this great opportunity.
Requirement: Level 25 and above; Enough  Vitality Point
Event Time: All Day
Location: Soul Crystal Paradise  Gatekeeper in Star City
Shatter  the Soul Crystals after the instance starts to get Soul Energy. If 4 of the  same colored Crystals are connected, shattering one will shatter them all! The  more Crystals you crack, the more Soul Energy you will get!

Candy Garden

Gingerbread  Man Chief is in town again! He'll open up the gate to the Candy Garden for  friends and loving couples! Players who have reached lvl 20 may team up with  one other person to enter the Candy Garden and be awarded extra EXP!  (Note: Teams made up of different gender  players will be rewarded with more EXP, two person teams only.)
Requirement: Level 20 and above; Enough  Vitality Point
Event Time: All day
Location: Great Gingerbread Chief in  Noshua
The  Candy Garden event begins after two characters enter the garden. Receive 1  Candy Box for each Candy Guard defeated in the 5 minute time limit. Open the  Candy Boxes to receive at least 10 minutes of bonus EXP time without having to  fight any other monsters. (Mixed gender teams will receive more rewards).

Shadow Ruins

The  dark and evil Shadow Ruins is the perfect place for you to practice your solo  skills and experience the need for power in these dark times. Don't miss this  opportunity.
Requirement: Level 35 and above;  Enough Vitality Point
Event Time: All day, twice a day
Location: Shadow Ruins Guardian in  the Dock Zone of Star City
Enter  the Shadow Ruins by yourself and speak with the Shadow Ruin Emissary to begin  the instance. After killing monsters, you will obtain some energy. Collect the  energy until it's full, then release it to cause great damages on the monsters  around you. You can have 5-min EXP bonus effect there when the event is ended.  

Golden Hunter

Take  part in a series of hunts. Defeat 6 monsters to receive massive EXP.
Requirement: Level 35 and above;  Enough Vitality Point
Event Time: All day; once a day
Location: Golden Hunter Allen in Star City.
Claim  quest item and use it to get a random coordinates. Go to that place to summon  monsters and kill them for next quest item. Do it 6 times and then you will be  rewarded.

Illusory Tower

A  mysterious tower of illusions built by a legendary sprite envoy has recently  been discovered. Do you want to challenge yourself and get a massive amount of  EXP?

Requirement: Level 40 and above; Enough  Vitality Point
Event Time: All Day
Location: Illusory Tower Guardian in  Star City
Team  up with other players and start the challenge by talking to Puff. Select a seal  and open it to summon your enemy. The crystal you opened determines the  attribute of monsters this round (No special attributes, Double EXP, Double  Soul and Attack Enhancement). Unseal all crystals and then the Ultimate Boss  shows up. Kill it to end the event.  

Temple Defense

Temple-defending  requires patience and tactics.
Requirement: Level 40 and above;  enough Vitality Point
Event Time: All day
Location: Temple Defender in the Dock Zone of  Star City.
Enter  the event map by talking with Temple Defender. Then make good use of 3  functions (Set Traps, Level Up and Cure; costs energy) to protect the Guards  from monsters. There are 18 waves of monsters, and each wave has elites and  bosses. Map closed when monsters or Guards all die

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