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Top Up & Win Rewards | S14 and S15 Top up to Win Bonus Diamonds & Pink Pet | Top Up & Win Reward | Top up and Win 10% Bonus | ATO S14 Frost Heart (SEA) Opening Events | Top Up & Win Vulcan Bead | Top Up & Win Pink Pet and Pink Equips | S10_11&S12 Merger Events | Top Up & Win Pink Pet and Pink Equips | Unleash the Nightmare! | S13 Top up to Win Bonus Diamonds & Pink Pet | ATO S13 Energy Vessel (SEA) Opening Events | S1_3&S4_6 Merger Events | Top Up Event in Oct | Top Up & Win Pink Pet and Pink Equips | S10&S11 Merger Events | S7_8&S9 Merger Events | Alfheim Tales Trend It! | S7&S8 Merger Events | Beer, Beach, Bikini | [Winner] S12 - Guild Challenge | [Winner] S12 - To be collect mania | My Epic Victory | S12 Rocksal Fortress Opening Events | [Winner] S11 - To be collect mania | [Winner] S11 - Guild Challenge | [Winner]Perfectest Contest!~ | Double EXP &Top up Events in June | [Winner] S11- Race to victory | S11 Yoshu Volcano Opening Events | S4/S5&S6 Merger Events | S10 Shattered Plains Opening Events | Double EXP & Top Up Bonus Events | S9 Carrel Tundra Opening Events | S8 Titan River Opening Events | [Guide] Holy Dragon Quest | ATO Easter Events | S7-Top up to Win Bonus Diamonds & Pink Pet | Summertime Valentine!~ | S7 Treo Mountains Opening Events | April Fool' s Day Events | April' s Fool Day Comic Special | Top up to Win Bonus Diamonds & Pink Pet | S6 Vesuvins Basin Opening Events | S1&S2&S3 Merger Events | Lucky 8 Top Up Event | Top Up and Win Pink Pet | S5 Hurricane Valley Opening Events | S1 & S2 Server Merge Events | Super Transformation |

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    Game Description

    Alfheim Tales Online is a fantasy MMORPG with exquisite anime-styled 3D graphics, which allows you to enjoy the fascinating battle experience. Travel around Carlyle land under the guidance of the Spirits from a refreshing country town to an outstanding capital.


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